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Hand Package Man HD
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You are an ambitious, professional editor and you want to produce explaining videos? You need a selection of different hand movements: starting with “coming into the picture”- gestures to diverse wipe hand movements through to various pointing gestures for Tablet-PC surfaces? A highly sophisticated collection that helps you to bring your explaining story to life? Then the HAND PACKAGE MAN is exactly what you need!

You get more than 700 hand movements. The male hands in various situations as you can see on the picture. All hand movements were filmed with a RED One 4k Camera and are pre-keyed, so that they could be moved into or in front of another video. Ideally suited for all editing systems in Full HD resolution.

If you need more hands (from 2 women, with medical gloves) and many special movements then you should check out our HAND PACKAGES BASIC and FULL.