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Who is behind ACCEVOLUTION?

We are a film and entertainment company with the focus on corporate film and commercial film production. The Plug-In „ACCEVOLUTION Transition Designer“ was developed by ourselves with the aim to open up new possibilities for High quality effects in our post-production and compositing processes.

Is your Plug-In as good as Plug-Ins from companies that specialize in the development of Plug-Ins?

Our primary advantage in this field is, that we operate with our Plug-In, every day. From the beginning , it was developed and praxis-oriented. All features were programmed for a state of art post-production and compositing. You will not find any unnecessary gimmicks, which will distract you.

What does „ACCEVOLUTION“ mean?

It´s an artificial name, a combination between “acceleration” and “evolution”. Our goal is to optimize and to accelerate our work at the same time, always! To integrate our Plug-In in the “look and feel” of Adobe Premiere Pro CC in an evolutionary manner. From the beginning of the development process we were guided by the functionality, the buttons, the controllers and the design of the standard Plug-Ins of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. With the aim, that all users who feel comfortable using Premiere, can start with our Plug-In right away other systems.

Will you also release the Plug-In for Avid/Edius/Sony Vegas/Magix, etc.?

No. It is not our philosophy to achieve a perfect functionality for all plattforms. To get the “look and feel” for all these different systems, it would be necessary to develop and to program an individual interface for each. As you can imagine, this would mean an enormous effort and enormous costs. We work exclusively with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and we developed the Plug-In first of all for ourselves.

You perform mainly as a Film and Entertainment Company. Will the Plug-In run stable and how about support and further development?

Here it is: our big advantage. We work every day with our Plug-In, which means that it must run very stable and furthermore we do work to improve it. On our editing suites we use only the latest generation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which means the Plug-In will always be suited to the actual version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How will the copy protection work?

The product-license only works with the PC you installed the Plug-In on. If you need to modify your computer or you are going to buy a new PC, please send us an email or give us a call. Of course, we will provide you with a new code.

Will the graphic card accelerate the effects?

Yes. For our daily work the speed of our editing suites is very important. Our Plug-In supports both OpenCL and CUDA. The effect calculation will be accelerated by the graphic card. One developer in our team is responsible for the steady optimization of the program codes since product development. That means the code will not only be regarded and adjusted with standard tools. In the beginning of our development process we put in place the calculations as fast as possible.

To which versions of Premiere is your Plug-In compatible with?

It´s compatible with the Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud version. For your information: the Software Development Kit (SDK), which is put at disposal by Adobe, was completely redesigned in 2013 and offers a lot more opportunities than the previous model. Only the new SDK version gave us the possibility, to integrate our Plug-In directly into the Premiere user interface and to adopt the “look and feel” of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Also the rendering speed for the effects could be optimized with the new version. The advantages were so convincing, that we decided to redesign our Plug-In completely, which we first developed as version 1.0 with the previous SDK, now with the new SDK. That meant seven more months for the development of the Plug-In, but now everything fits together. The new Adobe SDK-Version is not compatible to previous Premiere Versions and so is our Plug-In.

What are the System requirements?

The conditions, System requirements are the same as those for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. We recommend for the optimum performance the use of Nvidia-graphic cards.

Can I pass by my Presets?

Yes, of course. As we look at large projects, it should be important to involve various teams at several editing suites. It´s necessary to work with the same tools and the same settings and so it was an important goal for us to have the option to create User-Presets and to have the possibility to Import and Export them. Thus, we designed easy Import and Export functions for your Presets.

Will there be more ACCEVOLUTION Plug-Ins in the future?

Yes, currently we are working on 4 more ideas and we hope to complete our next Plug-In in April 2016.

I have an idea for a new Plug-In. Will you develop it for me?

We have always an open ear for your ideas. Please send us a description with the features for your Plug-In and we will get in touch with you.

I have a suggestion for improvement for your Plug-In!

Excellent! Your feedback is welcome. Finally it´s our aim that you are in the same way satisfied with our Plug-In as we are. Please send an email to: support@accevolution.de and possibly we will place your proposal in one of our next versions.